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Sterly UVC flashlight


Disinfect anything with our powerful UVC flashlight

- Including COVID-19 and seasonal Flu

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Sterly has a flashlight-style design that is portable and lightweight. It can be easily carried in your pocket, bag, or purse.


No warm-up time needed. Sterly is ready to go as soon as you turn it on.

Cleaning in


Sterly consists of a high power 60mW LED, emitting UVC light at a peak wavelength of 265nm.


The device takes on average 4-10 seconds to clean the radiated area at a 5cm distance.



Sterly uses only high-quality components. It's Crystal-IS Klaran LED, manufactured in Japan, has passed numerous tests to guarantee reliability.


The body manufacturer is LUMICA, a Japanese company with vast experience in manufacturing many popular items.



With Sterly, you can re-use your masks, reducing the amount of waste.


According to the NCBI journal, a UVC dose of 10J/cm2 does not affect a normal surgical mask's filtration efficiency.


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Sterly is simple to use, fits in your pocket, and cleans in seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spring 2021 Details

  • Registration closes March 16th (any registration after this date will result in a late regsitration fee)
  • Team roster must be registered (minimum of 7 players) by registration close date.
  • Teams will be allowed to add players to their roster until Week 3. After Week 3, teams will not be allowed to add players (no exceptions)
  • Each registered player must wear numbered jersey (provided with registration) to play.
  • Teams must wear team jersey with matching color shorts.
  • Players must wear crew or long socks (do not have to match). No ankle socks.
  • Larger divisions (as registrations allow)
  • Players will be allowed to play in multiple divisions (teams)
  • Shinguards recommended, but not required (required in Over 30 League)
  • Roster checks before every match
  • NO CLEATS ALLOWED (tennis shoes/indoor soccer shoes, turf soccer shoes recommended)
  • $60/person numbered jersey included
  • 5v5 $500/team numbered jersey included
  • 8v8 $650/team numbered jersey included

Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Temperature checks at entrance
  • Separate locations for entrance and exit on fields
  • Spectators must be 6ft apart
  • All players must wear face covering when entering and exiting the fields
  • Minimize physical contact, especially during game play
  • Players must be 6ft apart on the sidelines
  • If sick, stay home

10-12 Week Season

  • Either 8, 10, or 12 teams per division. (as registrations allow)
  • Each team is guaranteed at least 8 games.
  • Based on regular league standings, bottoms 3 TEAMS are relegated* while top 4 TEAMS in each division advance to playoffs.
*ONLY if 8 teams in a division, after regular season, bottom 4 teams play an avoid relegation playoff. Top 4 teams in the division have finals playoff.

Available Leagues

  • Sunday Open D1 8v8 Elite (This is our most competitive league with former pro and college experience athletes. Any age, any gender.)
  • Sunday Night Over 30 5v5 (any gender, must turn 30 within the year the league starts)
  • Sunday Night Over 40 5v5 (any gender, must be 40 years or older)
  • Tuesday Open 5v5 (any age, any gender)
  • Wednesday Co-Ed 8v8 (any age, any gender; 3 female players on field at all time)
  • Thursday Night Women's 5v5 (any age, women only)

3 Divisions in Each League

  • 1st Division (D1)
  • 2nd Division (D2)
  • 3rd Division (D3)
*As registrations allow.

Promotion and Relegation

  • Each division has a minimum of 8 teams. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in D2 and D3 are given the opportunity to advance to the division above them.
  • Teams with bottom 3 records from D1 and D2 get relegated down to the division below them. This is done to allow the outcome of the matches to decide which division a team plays in. It creates competitive games for all skill levels, while also meaning that every game and every goal counts.
*Divisions are based on number of teams registered. If there are not enough teams to fill a division, be prepared to play up or down a tier, as needed, while we get things off the ground. Thanks for understanding.


Prizes vary by division. The higher the division, the better the rewards for winning.

  • D1
    • Awards and Trophies
    • Options for jerseys, t-shirts, others
    • CFC Game-day and social media recognition
  • D2
    • Awards and Trophies
    • Options for jerseys, t-shirts, others
    • Social media recognition
  • D3
    • Awards and Trophies
    • Social media recognition